What Does the Name Broos Mean?

The name Broos is of Dutch origin and is derived from the Old Germanic word “brod”, which means “broad” or “wide”. It is also related to the Old English word “brōd”, which means “large” or “great”. The name Broos is often used as a nickname for someone who is broad-shouldered or tall.

History of the Name

The name Broos has been in use since at least the Middle Ages. It was popularized by Dutch settlers in America during the 17th century. The name was also used in England during this time period, but it was not as common as it was in the Netherlands. In modern times, the name is still popular in both countries.

Popularity of the Name

The name Broos is not particularly common in either country today. In the United States, it ranks at number 8,945 on the list of most popular baby names. In the Netherlands, it ranks at number 1,837 on the list of most popular baby names.

Famous People Named Broos

There are several famous people who have been given the name Broos. These include Dutch footballer Klaas Jan Huntelaar, Dutch actor Rutger Hauer, and Dutch singer/songwriter Jan Smit.

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