The Meaning of the Name Bunny

Bunny is a nickname for the given name Bernice, which is derived from the Greek word “berenike” meaning “bringer of victory.” The name Bunny has been used as a nickname since at least the 19th century and is still popular today. It is often seen as an affectionate term of endearment, particularly among family members.

History and Origin

The origin of the name Bunny can be traced back to ancient Greece. The name Bernice was first recorded in Greek mythology as the daughter of King Agrippa and Queen Berenice. According to legend, when her father died, she vowed to never marry and instead dedicated her life to serving the gods. Her devotion was so great that Zeus rewarded her with immortality and placed her among the stars as the constellation Virgo.

The name Bernice eventually made its way into English-speaking countries during the Middle Ages. It was popularized by William Shakespeare in his play “Antony and Cleopatra” where it was used as a pet name for Cleopatra’s servant Charmian. Over time, it became more commonly known as Bunny.


Bunny is not a particularly common name in modern times, but it does have some popularity in certain areas. In England, it is most popular in London and other large cities. In the United States, it is most popular in California, Texas, and New York. It is also popular in Australia and New Zealand.

Famous People Named Bunny

There are several famous people who have gone by the name Bunny throughout history. These include:

  • Bunny Berigan, an American jazz trumpeter who played with Benny Goodman’s band in the 1930s.
  • Bunny Wailer, a Jamaican reggae singer who was part of Bob Marley’s original group The Wailers.
  • Bunny Yeager, an American pin-up photographer who worked with Bettie Page in the 1950s.


The name Bunny has a long history dating back to ancient Greece. It has been used as a nickname for Bernice since at least the 19th century and continues to be popular today. Although not particularly common, there are several famous people who have gone by this name throughout history.

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