Myriam – Name Meaning

Myriam is a female given name of Hebrew origin, derived from the Hebrew name Miryam. It is also a variant spelling of the French name Mireille. The name Myriam is most commonly associated with the Biblical figure Mary, mother of Jesus.

History and Origin

The name Myriam has its roots in the Hebrew language, where it was first used as a form of the name Miryam. In the Bible, Miryam was the sister of Moses and Aaron, and she is often referred to as “the prophetess”. She is also mentioned in other religious texts such as the Quran and the Talmud.

The name Myriam was popularized by French author Honoré d’Urfé in his novel L’Astrée (1607-1627). The novel tells the story of two lovers named Astrée and Celadon, and their friend Myriam. This novel helped to spread the popularity of the name throughout Europe.


The name Myriam is often associated with strength, courage, and faithfulness. It can also be seen as a symbol of hope and resilience in difficult times. The Biblical figure Miryam was known for her unwavering faith in God despite facing many challenges in her life.


Common nicknames for Myriam include Mia, Mimi, Mira, and Mirella. These nicknames are often used to create a more intimate connection between friends or family members.

Matching Names in Love and Friendship – Compatibility

Myriam pairs well with names that have similar meanings or origins. Some examples include: Michael (Hebrew), Mariam (Arabic), Miriam (Hebrew), Mary (English), and Maria (Latin). These names all share similar meanings of strength, courage, and faithfulness.

In terms of friendship compatibility, Myriam pairs well with names that have similar sounds or syllables. Examples include: Amira (Arabic), Amirah (Arabic), Emilia (Latin), Emily (English), Emma (German), and Amelia (Latin). These names all share similar sounds that create a harmonious combination when paired together.

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