Alessandro – Name Meaning

Alessandro is a masculine given name of Italian origin. It is derived from the Greek name Alexander, which means “defender of men”. The name Alessandro has been popular in Italy since the Middle Ages and is still widely used today.

History and Origin

The name Alessandro is derived from the Greek name Alexander, which was originally derived from the Greek words “alexo” meaning “to defend” and “aner” meaning “man”. The name was popularized by Alexander the Great, who was one of the most successful military commanders in history. He conquered much of the known world during his lifetime and established an empire that stretched from Greece to India.

The name Alessandro has been used in Italy since at least the Middle Ages. It was particularly popular among members of the Italian nobility, including several popes and cardinals. In modern times, it remains a popular choice for Italian parents looking for a traditional yet distinctive name for their son.


Alessandro is currently one of the most popular names in Italy, ranking in the top 10 most popular names for boys born in 2019. It is also popular in other parts of Europe, particularly Spain and Portugal. In the United States, it is less common but still ranks among the top 1,000 baby boy names.

Famous People Named Alessandro

There are many famous people named Alessandro throughout history, including:

  • Alessandro Volta (1745-1827), Italian physicist who invented the electric battery
  • Alessandro Manzoni (1785-1873), Italian poet and novelist
  • Alessandro Del Piero (1974-present), Italian soccer player
  • Alessandro Nesta (1976-present), Italian soccer player

Variations of the Name

The name Alessandro can be shortened to Alex or Sandro. Other variations include Alejandro (Spanish) and Alexandre (French). There are also feminine forms of this name such as Alessandra and Alexandra.

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