Alessio – Name Meaning

Alessio is an Italian name derived from the Latin name Alexius, which means “defender” or “helper.” It is a popular name in Italy and other parts of Europe, and has been gaining popularity in the United States as well.

History and Origin

The name Alessio has its roots in the Latin language, where it was originally spelled Alexius. The name was used by several early Christian saints, including Saint Alexius of Rome. It was also used by several Byzantine emperors, including Alexius I Comnenus who ruled from 1081 to 1118. The name eventually spread to other parts of Europe, including Italy, where it became popularized as Alessio.


Alessio is a popular name in Italy and other parts of Europe. In the United States, it has been steadily gaining popularity over the past few decades. According to Social Security Administration data, the name has risen in popularity since 2000, when it ranked at #1,945 on the list of most popular baby names. By 2018, it had risen to #1,077.

Famous People Named Alessio

There are several famous people with the name Alessio, including:

  • Alessio Romagnoli – Italian professional soccer player for AC Milan
  • Alessio Cerci – Italian professional soccer player for Torino FC
  • Alessio Sakara – Italian professional mixed martial artist
  • Alessio Scalzotto – Italian actor best known for his role in Stranger Things 3

Variations of the Name

The name Alessio can be shortened to Al or Lex. Other variations include Aleksi (Finnish), Aleš (Czech), Aleksije (Serbian), Aleksy (Polish), and Alexis (English).

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